Portland, Maine votes to ban face recognition technology use by government

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2020/08/03/portland-maine-votes-to-ban-f.html

You love to see it.


yabut… A private company will do it, the gov’ment will pay to get the data from them and everyone will pretend the guv’ment didn’t do it.

And just to make it completely hilarious we’ll all pretend this fake thing called a company did it all by itself… Not that there are individuals who do things just because they are “kewl” and have no regard for anything except “I can, so I will” and the fake thing will hands them large sums of money and recognition to do it!


I am hopelessly torn between optimism and cynicism, but trending towards your cynicism on this one. Until there are bans not only on local government officials using it but on all private industry as well, we can’t trust government won’t be involved. Government has ever and always been a supporter of business interests, not human rights.

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a nice distraction from the people camped out in front of city hall demanding affordable housing.



Let me tip you toward optimism. At least if they do deploy it, we can frame someone else for our actions?

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If not optimism, then pleasurable civil disobedience. And I’ll take it, thanks.

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