Portraits of children's faces as they watch TV

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Who is this global “we” that parents their children identically? I already exhibit quite a lot of caution in the role of technology in my children’s lives. Moderation is the key, just as it was when I was a kid and all I wanted to do was watch TV all day. My parents made me go and do other stuff, the same way I do with my kids.


Watch “TV” ? Do kids even watch stuff on televisions anymore? My kids can teach me things about computers and smart phones and tablets, but cannot figure out how to work the TV.

I agree moderation is the key, not just blanket condemnation of technology. One thing that always irks me is the smug look of those who, when talking about their children, say “we don’t own a TV!”

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It’s really only our problem if you screw up your job, I figure. Still, safety nets count.

The fourth girl sees what you did there.

see also Godfrey Reggio (of Koyaanisqatsi fame) - Evidence (1995)


My son also looks a little creepy like that whenever he is eating ice cream. Sugar and screen time, the two most fearsome childhood addictions.

With regards to the first picture (the one in the thumbnail), my first thought was “that’s pretty much how I look when I’m reading a book”. It’s also probably my default driving face.

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There’s been comparisons to the work of other artists on the Boing Boing Facebook page (where I have posted this too) but I feel particularly driven to draw attention to the work of another Australian artist, Melanie Breen who took almost identical photos back in 2004. I can’t link to the photo directly but there’s one in this page marking the exhibition where I first saw them. Breen’s image is the last from this exhibitions selection at the bottom of the page here.

Skeksis will drink your essence soon gelfling.

Reminds me of this classic Calvin & Hobbes strip:


RIP for this actress. :frowning:

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