Portraits of homeless people using libraries

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Just keep squeezing those social programs until they die, Republicans. Because when the social program funding dries up, then the mystical magical hand of the free market will step in to save the day!


It’s a reminder that homeless people have thoughts and dreams just like the rest of us. I tend to forget that, myself.


We could certainly use a social worker at our library; I wonder how the SF library got theirs? off to do research

In Edmonton, we had to apply for a grant from the provincial government. It covered three full time workers. When the grant was up, we couldn’t get it renewed, so we ended up diverting funds to pay for it internally.

Money well spent, in my opinion. They do a lot of great work for the community.

Eta: http://globalnews.ca/news/1681802/edmonton-public-library-expands-program-helping-homeless/


Wonderful. A great reminder of how easy it io overlook the peripheral homeless and poor. Having stuff does not make me a better person, and this story and its portraits remind me that I should feel more at ease about sharing public space and resources with those who have so little.

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Our cities have made it nary impossible to live out of your car with no over-nite parking ordinances and garage parking costing in excess of $30 a day.
PS, and stop blaming the REPUBLICANS, just visit the lovely town of Chicago if you think the republicans are at fault.

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