Possible food poisoning at Food Safety Summit


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Hey, we’re Baltimore. We put the “harm” in Charm City.

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Spoiler Alert - GMOs had nothing to do with it.

Now “irony” would be a gathering of anti-GMO activists laid low by salmonella in the organic salad.


Sure, and more spoiler alerts – DDT, mercury, and weaponized anthrax had nothing to do with it. I’m not sure why someone would bring up any of those things, though, since none are mentioned in the article.


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See Alanis Morissette? this is how you do irony.


That stupid song made me come up with scenarios where the lyrics would actually be ironic.

Like the guy is a professional cloud seeder and his wedding is tomorrow but a storm front is coming though, so he seeds the clouds to get them to rain early for a clear wedding. Then he miscalculates and instead causes the clouds that would have otherwise just passed overhead to rain on his wedding day instead.


Actually no, IIRC correctly none of those situations were actually ironic. Although it might be ironic to do a song about irony and get it wrong.

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Let’s not pretend this was an accident. I’m a mild-mannered citizen, but given the opportunity I’d pull a Tyler Durden alllllll up in that kitchen.

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According to the interwebz, irony is defined as: “a state of affairs or an event that seems deliberately contrary to what one expects and is often amusing as a result.”

lets see:

  1. It certainly contrary that a buncha muckety-mucks got the atomic squirts at a food safety summit. CHECK

  2. Its amusing as hell. CHECK

I think we have an irony.

You are right of course. I guess it’s just that I’d recently read the astronomical CDC numbers on food borne illness and death


…and I just mentally filed it under “nearly inevitable” rather than “ironic.” But you’re right.

Isn’t that the reason it’s really difficult to get raw milk in the US?

Spoiler Alert - sun + mayonnaise!

It’s used as a justification for restrictions, but that was not raw milk cheese, they were taking returned product, and dumping it back into the production vats, as I recall (well, I think that’s what Gordonzola was talking about). That is half of all lysteria deaths in the past 30+ years, probably a big part of the justification for raw milk cheese restrictions, never mind how totally unrelated it was.

Inadequate pasteurization has been the cause of deadly outbreaks of salmonella and listeria.

As raw milk increases in popularity, more cases of contamination have occured.


There have also been some near misses with rabid animals on dairy farms, including a rabid goat on a goat milk dairy, but that particular goat wasn’t a milk goat.

My karma runs over your gluten-free dogma

“Nearly inevitible” ha!!!

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