Possible PBBB laptop RPG game


I’ll let it be. I like that character moment as written.


Game pacing is in the hands of you guys at the moment.

Hawk and Aronn will require at least 15 minutes of rest (and an hour would be better), but eventually you’re going to have to come up with some way of getting out.


The box is already back in the no-magic room.


Is the map table still dead?


When has it been dead?

It requested a location when you came in; nobody’s messed with it since.


I thought the power went out when the box was removed?



The spark cloud and warning message have stopped, though; the table is currently inactive.


Okay then. If he gets it active Thwip will be using it to try and find a way out. He will start in on the rrom they’re in and then try to work his way outwards until he finds something they can use. Of particular interest is where the Things are coming from. If the map is blind to itself then he’ll try to find the ruins from the outside and search for any other exits from that point.


Already mentioned in the Narrative thread:

Hawk has the Breathe Water spell.

He has no way of creating light or fighting off Things underwater.

I’m on a computer without access to Dropbox at the moment, so I don’t know how many FP it takes to cast, but Hawk should be able to get at least a couple of people out at a time, given enough time to rest.

Beyond that (and vague ideas to ask Eabd to do unlikely things, like “turn off the security system” or “block all sources of incoming water”), I have nothing.



Time for some input from the soldiers, methinks.


How high is the ceiling in the map room and the hallways? Would we have been able to see them in the gloom?


Map room ceiling is normal upper-class indoor height; ten feet or so.

The main chamber has an arched ceiling. You don’t know exactly how high it is, but it seemed to be quite high in the centre from what you could dimly perceive with your weak lights. Certainly not easy to access without magic or scaffolding.

The walls throughout are clean-cut; not a lot for Jibril to use as handholds.

(BTW: y’all did notice that the map revealed an unexplored portion of the complex?)


Huh. There in the bottom-left.

I did not.

I wonder what that symbol at its entrance means.


That spot does correspond to where the Things were coming out of the wall.


I did notice but I figured we’re not in position to go poking around. Maybe when Hawk turns us into fish


Cost of Breathe Water is 4 for the first minute and 2 for each minute afterwards. Which means that it costs Hawk 3 and 1 respectively.

Assuming he’s given a full hour to rest between attempts and people are able to get out within one minute, Hawk can cast on three people at a time. The latter looks unlikely, so, at full strength, he can give two people each three minutes to escape, look around, fight, whatever.

Reminder: he recovers 1 FP/5 min and is currently at 0 FP. So he’ll need 15 minutes before he can even cast this on one person for one minute.

I recommend someone take Eabd and go scouting now, before the place is underwater, as it probably will be by the time Hawk and Lord Arron are able to do anything useful.

Two people in armour (plus golem), fighting in formation, shouldn’t have much of a problem fighting the Things. We just had problems because we weren’t in formation, and the non-fighters got pinned down away from the others.


I’m having a very hard time trying to write a Star Trek:TNG “Computer! Enhance!” while not actually writing a Star Trek:TNG “Computer! Enhance!”. It’s amazing how much magic computer stuff has become part of the mental landscape.


Note: Ranar without shield could carry an axe in each hand, and using both axes together gives a +2 to parry (same as he’d get from his shield’s +2 defence bonus).

However, as the axes have a U parry, you can’t parry and attack with them in the same turn. Parrying with one and attacking with the other is possible, but then you won’t get the +2 and the off-hand one will be -4/-2 to attack/parry.

Getting the shield back will allow a Block defence and add +2 to all defences, but also penalises you by -2 on attacks if you get stuck in close combat for more than one turn.


Idly musing about post-dungeon character options again…

Hawk already has quite a few spells from the water college, and tends to focus on defensive/utility/nonlethal options. So if he got this useful defensive/utility spell:

He could then get this non-lethal combat spell:

Which does this type of damage:

And requires this sort of skill to aim:

Or this mage’s perk:

Those magic perks are valuable, though, and you only get to take one per twenty points invested in magic skills.


Alternately, if Hawk’s recent combat experiences have left him feeling a bit less pacifist, there are options like this: