Possible PBBB laptop RPG game



Extra magic energy points that recharge without needing to rest and meditate.


Yeah, I think I’m going to be investing in both FP and ER points.

But first: I need Lord Arron to teach Hawk a whole bunch of Light spells. One should never descend into a dungeon without at least Continual Light going.


Has further observation clarified if it’s centaurs and humans, or just humans with horses stealing our stuff?


Apparently half and half centaurs and humans. The humans look a little strange; they’re dressed in black. One of the humans is digging through the carriage while the others stand around.


they’re dressed in black

al-Wazif military?

Also, Thwip will rotate the map to see if there are any other hidden chambers underneath.


It doesn’t look like a Wazifi uniform. Also, one of them appears to be riding a centaur; unheard of. The third one (neither mounted nor ransacking the carriage) appears to be holding a longbow.

No extra chambers visible.


Anyone seen @Mitchell lately?

I need a commitment to action from somebody before I can move the game forwards. Bother Aronn or not? If you’re heading out, when and how?


If @Mitchell is AWOL, I’ll run Nic as an NPC.

I don’t want to take tactical control of the party, though, so: @Daaksyde, Ranar is defacto chief military expert for now.

What’s your plan? Details, formation?


At the moment, while we seem to be safe, I plan to wait for Blue Hawk and Aronn to get rested up. After that, we do want to question Aronn before heading out. (Someone else can take the lead in questioning (I suspect Thwip has a few questions, but Jibril might too).)

For the actual exodus, formation will probably be Ranar in the middle with Nic and Jibril on the sides, Thwip, Aronn, and Blue Hawk following behind. But healing and questioning first.


Hawk and Aronn’s rest time is done as soon as y’all decide it’s done, so it’s probably time for someone to post on the narrative thread as to how you’re approaching Lord Aronn.

How long after the escape are you approaching him?


I seem to recall a heap of Things at the door. Since more come every time one dies I think a plan to incapacitate them should be thought of first.

MAybe try to lure them into the anti-magic room and see what happens?

Is the anti-magic room still anti magic?


Speaking on Nic’s behalf: as Hawk observed, the only reason you got chopped up was because the squishies tried to cosplay as fighters and got isolated. If you stay in a disciplined formation with Ranar and Eabd in the lead, you should be able to plow through the Things without too much trouble.

GURPS Banestorm PBBB narrative thread

Aww. I wanted to see if they’d explode in the room or not!


You can try it, but it might not be necessary. :slight_smile:

BTW: speaking if squishies cosplaying as fighters…with just a few points invested in spear and shield skills, Hawk actually could be a passable melee fighter. Not Nic or Ranar grade, but Jibril-ish.

It wouldn’t hurt Thwip to learn how to use his shortsword properly, either. Or invent the bayonet. :smiley:


That’s for when we get out.

Anyway, the latest post is an attempt to find out what is in the central chamber and if it goes anywhere we can use, while writing someone who has never watched CSI or Star Trek.


We kinda lost one of our players, eh?

Help us Ranar Won. You’re our only hope.


Well, I think our conjurers have had a good long nap now, so time for a mundane to conjure up a wake-up spell/post.


Assuming our sponsor is telling the truth it looks like we have to deal with the Things, find out if that possible exit in the center hall is a proper exit, or maybe try to take our injured asses through a pretty fresh mob of humans and centaurs who have every tactical advantage if we pop our heads out through the front door.

What was the deal with XP in our online adventure? Do we have enough to Sayan-up?


There’ll be plenty of character points due once you beat the dungeon, but you only get to apply them if you could have plausibly improved those abilities that much in the available timeframe.

So, a bit of a skill buff maybe, new skills only with a good excuse.

Thwip already has two unspent CP in reserve, BTW. You could buff Shortsword right now, maybe put a point into Brawling.


Ah, well, let’s go with the sword skill increase. We can say he’s been studying Nic, Jabril, Ranar and Eabd as they fight and has picked up a trick or two from them.