Possible PBBB laptop RPG game


Thwip’s Shortsword is currently at 11 (DX -1) for one point.

Raising it to 12 would cost one point, changing it to a DX +0 skill for two points. Getting it to 13 would cost three points, as that would make it DX +1 for four points.

TLDR: raising Shortsword to 12 costs only one point, raising it to 13 would cost more than you can afford right now.

Whaddaya wanna do with the other point?


BTW, the hand-to-hand skills work like this…

Striking skills:

Brawling is DX/Easy. It gives you access to some special attacks (knee strikes, eye gouges, etc) and helps with punches and kicks.

Boxing is DX/Average. It gives you access to some slightly different special attacks, helps with punches and gives you a good parry vs thrusting attacks.

Karate is DX/Hard. Similar to the two above, but with a bit more damage and a much better defence against armed opponents.

Grappling skills:

Wrestling is DX/Average. It helps with grappling, especially takedowns and power moves.

Judo is DX/Hard. It helps with grappling, and provides the ability to take down opponents while keeping your feet (unlike Wrestling). As with Karate, it provides better defences, especially against armed opponents.

Sumo Wrestling is DX/Average. It helps with grappling and slams (i.e. shoulder charge type moves).

With all of them, the names are loose guides rather than strict definitions. The skill of “Karate” represents all of the advanced striking styles, late medieval armoured knights may have the “Judo” skill, footballers might have “Sumo Wrestling”, etc.


Would it be possible to raise his HT a bit with those two points? He’s been climbing a lot of stairs.


Raising HT one level costs 10 points.

However, you can buy partial health at a discount; the advantages “hard to kill” and “hard to subdue” are essentially HT that only helps with death or KO rolls respectively. Those are 2pts/lvl.

HP are based on ST, not HT. Raising ST is also 10pts/lvl. However, it’s also available as a partial thing, so you can buy extra HP alone for 2pts each.


Looking around at everyone, does anyone still look noticeably wounded or unfit? I know we have a few with bandages and/or scratches or coughing blood…


Jibril is at 4 HP, Thwip is at 2 HP, Hawk is at 4 HP. Nobody is bleeding. Thwip is still battered enough to be at half move; 1HP healing would fix that.


Thwip is still battered enough to be at half move;

Ah! How much would it cost to get his wrestling up one more skill level? Him getting better at it might fit with his recent experiences.

If that’s impossible I’ll spend the CP on the “Hard to subdue” advantage. At least he can die on his feet.


Sorry about going AWOL, I was not really in the headspace for it. And the longer it had been, the more awkward it felt to post an apology/get back into it.

Finally just bit the bullet…


Well yah bit it hard enough that it’s not going to be asking you too many questions so good on yah!


The highlighted spot in the main chamber is on the ceiling, BTW.


Perfect! That’s closer to the surface.


Thwip’s wrestling is already at DX+1 for four points. Raising it to DX+2 would cost another four points.

Thwip is quite a good wrestler, but not good enough to deal with being simultaneously blind and outnumbered. He’d also need to drop the rifle before getting clawed up (or learn how to melee with it, although that’s risky with a fragile airgun).

Really, what he needs to do is to stay behind the fighters and find something that bleeds to snipe at.


BTW: if Nic does his usual prancing about, he won’t be able to hold formation. Ranar’s defence is less retreat-based, so he doesn’t have a problem.

Is Nic going to stand in the line, or be a mobile reserve behind Ranar and Eabd? And are Jibril/Thwip/Hawk/Aronn coming out at all? Aronn is very slow while cursed.


Whelp, hard to subdue it is.


Just waiting on a firm commitment to action before moving the game on. Who’s doing what? Everyone heading out, or are some staying behind? If so, in the room or out in the corridor?


I agree with Nic’s plan. I assume Eabd and I will form the vanguard to bulldoze our way out and the others that aren’t staying behind will follow.

@Mitchell - ok with you? want to designate anyone to stay behind or anyone to follow up but stop and relay from the doorway at the end of the corridor?


Ranar is making collecting his shield a priority? If so, is he starting with left hand unoccupied, or going out dual-wielding? Keeping Eabd on your shield side or your axe side?


Yes, he’ll go for the shield, with one hand free in case needed for grappling before he gets it, and keep Eabd on the shield side.


That’s the basic plan, with Nic and Jibril, if Blue Hawk heals him up to fighting trim, sweeping up behind them.

I was leaving a bit of time in case @nimelennar or @daneel wanted to add anything, but we might as well get on with it.

I’ll post something in the narrative thread to kick things off, with a stay behind/combat split, shortly.


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