Post-Hobby Lobby, corporate religious exemptions set to flourish


“A fundamentalist LDS offshoot” may be an accurate description but isn’t really the right nomenclature; the organization is actually called “Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints”. “Fundamentalist”, with a capital “F”, is part of the name.

This is important, because FLDS isn’t just any fundamentalist offshoot of the Mormon Church, it’s the same organization Warren Jeffs used to head, up until his life-plus-twenty sentence for child molestation.

It is not an organization whose leadership has earned the benefit of the doubt when it comes to its treatment of children, is what I’m saying.


I may have missed it in the article - do the actions that he is refusing to testify against have to also be a closely held belief of the organization?

If for example he has this closely held belief that he cannot discuss church matters and church matters happened to be a giant meth lab or dodging numerous parking tickets or pirating dvds … he can’t pull this?

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Can just any lunatic be a judge there? Granted, ours wear funny wigs, might be lizards, and are occasionally a bit batshit, but fuuuuuck.


Excellent. You won’t be surprised to find that the FSM forbids me to testify about almost everything.


Hey, so when’s the next Jubilee Year in the Hebrew Calendar? My sincerely held belief in my ancestral religion insists that all debts be forgiven during a Jubliee Year! :smile:


You don’t have to wait for a Jubilee. 5775 (started last week) is considered a Shemittah year. On the last day of the year, all private debts are cancelled! Whoohoo!


Eris sees the truth as … fungible. On the upside, I can safely decree anything at all and it is most certainly true in Discordianism until another Discordian says otherwise. Then it never happened.

It’s convenient but occasionally confusing. :rabbit:


If they argue that the LORD requires child labor, can the court disagree? Are our courts now going to be forced to decide which religions are real, and what each one requires?

Thank you, Chief Justice Roberts.


Good luck finding a company to have that religious belief.

Surely every company that owes money will be converting ASAP?
Now, how exactly does a corporation get circumcised?

You roll up their encorporating documents and cut the little tassel off, of course.


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