Post your Pet or animal Pics (Part 1)

Excellent photos!

Great Blue Herons are fabulous, but they’re not pterodactyls…that honor belongs to Sandhill Cranes:

The oldest unequivocal sandhill crane fossil is 2.5 million years old, older by half than the earliest remains of most living species of birds, primarily found from after the Pliocene/Pleistocene boundary some 1.8 million years ago.

If you ever hear them call, you’d know what I mean: it’s absolutely prehistoric, due to the unusual way their trachea coil around in their sternum.

I have the great honor of hosting a sandhill couple who met and mated on my property! They’ll probably fly off in a month or two for the winter, but I’m hoping this becomes home base for them every year.


We have a few bluejays that steal the almonds my wife puts out for the squirrels, it’s amazing watching them swallow those things whole. The same bluejay has been visiting our yard for the third year, we know it’s the same one because it’s missing a foot. That guy can balance on one leg and put away the nuts like nobody’s business.

This is not the one footed guy but it is one of the ones that steals almonds. I made a bunch of those picnic tables, makes for cute photos sometimes.

Even the woodpecker likes nuts.


love the little picnic table! very pretty woodpecker. looks like the red-bellied woodpecker we have in our yard. very distinctive call, like chop! chop! chop! they DNGAF and chase the bluejays - twice their size - away from the feeders!

@chgoliz , mum had sandhill cranes at her place up in Pasco that stayed year-round. I may have posted this before, but here they are, strolling up to the house:


The one in our yard was very annoying in the spring. One of the only backyard visitors I wished into the cornfield but, according to the googles, it was just trying to attract a mate. After a few weeks the pecking stopped so next year I’ll be more tolerant.


Is this your mom?


Bonanza Jellybean?!
naw, she didn’t have to feed them peyote to make them stay!
(you know how much I love Tom Robbins! so, yeah, I got the reference)



Seven cardinals around the bird feeder. I wonder if they’re getting ready to elect a new pope?

They got joined by three more a minute later but it’s getting too dark now.


Sun’s out.


Leo unfortunately must have had a heart attack and suddenly died a couple months ago. We miss that sweetie very much – we only had him ~9 months.

However, this guy started hanging around our place about a month ago and I finally nabbed him 2 days ago:

No name yet – I just call him Leo Jr (or screamie). He is very talkative.
He is super sweet. I haven’t seen any lost pets posted on the usual sites, but he did have a flea collar on him when he first showed up. We’ll have the vet scan him for a chip when he goes in for a check-up and to get neutered.
I gave him a bath last night and he was really good (much better than any of our boys) – was probably just happy getting attention.
While I was drying him off, I thought he farted (he did while I was bathing him), however it was a rather long bout of diarrhea… Luckily I was able to keep it confined to the towel and not on me or the bed.
The wife is excited because he seems to have a similar personality to Leo (who was her favorite cat of the past decade)
Also in cat news… We are giving our boy, Petey, away to a family friend. It’s more of a loaner – we will probably get him back in ~5 yrs when she retires. Petey needs to be an “only cat”… He’s not bad, but tends to be a bit of a bully and he and our sort-of-feral boy, BK, are mortal enemies.


I think there is something off about this cat but I can’t quite put my finger on it.


Came across a skunk in the middle of the night during a walk last night.


Disappointed. No Pepé Le Pew hops…
The jumbo skunk that cleans up the spilled cat food on our porch, Mr Stinky, runs away doing the hops whenever I scare them by saying “hi Mr Stinky” – so, of course, I do that every time I see them out there.


I’m sorry to hear about Leo. :crying_cat_face:

You seem to be a very effective cat magnet, though! :heart_eyes_cat:


Pretty sure there are cat hobo marks on the curb
Screenshot 2021-10-07 at 11-06-13 hobo-signs-symbols-01 jpg (JPEG Image, 1400 × 930 pixels) — Scaled (96%)


Its an area with a lot of dogs and people around. I would suspect the little critter was trying to get away as fast as possible.


Oh my gosh, thank you for this. I just fired up the Cricut and stuck this on the back door where a couple ferals come for breakfast and dinner(one of them is the mom to one we took in a few months ago after he needed surgery because something attacked him). And yes, that house is insulated with R-20+ foam and heated. And ferals in our neighborhood get trapped and spayed or neutered and released.

Thank you, thank you. My wife loves it.


Very nice!
Now the wife is gonna want me to build one of those…
I just have beds/boxes/etc in the crawlspace under our house for the strays.
The bonus there is that the dirt is so dry and fine that it kills the fleas, so most of the street cats I have grabbed are usually flea free.


That one came from Amazon this year. I had built a nice four cat shelter that was also heated and insulated along with a heated feeding shelter (neighbors hate me). But we were down to two cats and the mom disappeared for almost a year so after we took in the one I donated everything to a freind that has several feral colonies they take care of. Out of the blue the mom showed back up. The price of wood was through the roof and that house was cute and only needed minor modification. So here we are.

Unfortunately the mom is way to wild to bring in the house but she’s been around for several years and she always has a warm place to stay. She’s also been spayed and had her shots.


Feeding the ducks and koi downtown this afternoon