Post your Pet or animal Pics (Part 2)

18 years of love and purrss. I am sorry for your loss.


Not quite New England, but the Midwest… Wild turkeys on the U of MN East Bank campus in Minneapolis, two days ago:


Bitey Cat loves baking day - sourdough starter and its ensuing pre-ferment is the best!

She only gets to lick the utensils etc and my hands when the dough for human consumption is safely handled and out of her reach. She is also the reason why Step 1 of any food prep is to clean the counters and sink.


You are wonderful hoomans! He had a GREAT life with you.

Eighteen plus years is still too short. I’m very sorry for your loss. :crying_cat_face:

Cuddles GIF by ViralHog


Update: Snaggle was adopted this week!
They told me when I went to the shelter to pick up 3 foster kitties for their “holiday foster” program, just to lessen the workload for the workers there over long holiday weekends like this. Didn’t get there until the afternoon, and it was heartening to see how many cats and dogs had already been taken on a weekend retreat!
Ours are still settling in, but I’ll post pictures when they stop hiding.


I see your cat with it’s head in a glass and raise you 2 cats with their heads in a glass.

This is from 2003. The photo below is the day after my wife and daughter found them on the side of the road. The one on the right left us in 2019 and her sister left us several years earlier from liver disease that we couldn’t fix.


Imagine that with six! :man_shrugging:

Gizmo and Suki are beautiful, though! I love the patterns within the markings. :cat2:


I have asthma brought on by, among other things, the cats. Allergist said get rid of the cats, nope, what else you got? If it gets bad enough we shave the cats which really helps me. We did all the research and none of the cats seemed to mind the process or wandering around half naked.

That really brings out the patterns. One cat, that is also no longer with us, had a heart that became really prominent when he got shaved.


Old Man kitteh may not mind (you think), but take it from me, no one wants to see an old man naked.


Mr.Nice Guy. After one week of quarantine, he was allowed to wander through the apartment, while the other cat is being kept in the brig. Now it is time to trade places, as they must be kept “unaware” of each other’s presence. He will go back to the confinement, and the other cat will be released.

I hope they get along as soon as possible.


In the before times our family tradition was run the Turkey Trot and then watch America’s Parade from Downtown Detroit. I’ve even run the Drumstick Double, run the 10k, run a mile back to the start line and then run the 5k.(sorry, I like to brag about that).

This woman was near us with these two dogs. I watched her and the dogs for a while, they were the best behaved dogs, nothing could shake them. Other pits would walk by and attempt to engage but the dogs just behaved.

I’m normally terrified by dogs unless I trust the owner and they tell me their dogs are safe.

Turns out the white one was older and was a trained support dog that goes to hospitals and visits patients. The other one was in training. They were both rescues.

Glad to see responsible pet people but I was still terrified of the other dogs that weren’t so well trained.

My wife asked permission to pet them, they were very gentle. I couldn’t bring myself to pet them.


As seen on Reddit:


Awww Old man was tasting Bunny




Tanajura. It started the flying ant Season

ET correct the name of the poor bird…

Some people consider It a delicacy. But as soon as I started to post this pictures, a rufous-bellied thrush came over and ate the poor insect.


Young armadillo grubbing in new winter wheat.

It probably couldn’t even see us


My dopey dog, sleeping.


A few years ago we were really busy and I hadn’t been in the garage in a couple weeks, one day I opened the door and there was a swarm of flying carpenter ants in there. Apparently when they outgrow their nest the flying ants scout out a new location and set up the new home.

Nope, closed the door and called the local bug guy. He came and took a look, 300 bucks and he solved the problem.

I could not imagine living around big bugs all the time. Maybe I’d get used to it but I’m sure glad we just have regular bugs.


It’s more a way that ant colonies reproduce. The original nest keeps going but once it has the resources, every now and then it will raise swarms of winged queens and males. They fly off to find mates, and then the males die and the queens do their best to found new colonies.

Nests can be moved between nearby locations too but that’s taken care of by workers.