Post your Pet or animal Pics (Part 2)



Visiting family friends in the Denver area, they’ve got a very friendly and lovable pug named Yogi


Bad birb! :grin:




Anyone watching the Puppy Bowl?

Here’s the star of the show.


:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Believe it or not, this is a picture of sandhill cranes circling over my house, probably taking advantage of a thermal. They circled and squawked for about 20 minutes before flapping away.

Unfortunately my camera decided to default to “pure shit” mode, so some imagination is required.


Old man is not doing well, we moved up his doctor appointment to see if anything can be done because he’s now retaining fluid but he’s still active, eating, drinking, peeing a lot, and interacting with us.

The doctor says as long as he’s acting normally for him we can keep an eye on him and bring him in Tueaday.

Our daughter put us in touch with a very kind vet tech that talked us through a lot of stuff. Very nice young woman.

Our gas bill has gone up because he really likes when the dryer is running and warm so we put it on for him whenever he’s up there. It’s one of his favorite spots lately.

And more cheese, he’s liking the cheese.


We had to bring our current batch of fosters back this week. Always so hard. They were a real treat. Here’s one last shot of Crooktail, aka, chonka chonk:

In other news: The shelter is doing the cutest promo for Valentine’s Day. From Feb 10 to the 14th, people can take out a “doggie date” for the day. There’s a set window of time for pick ups, and a list of places to take them (outdoor rec areas that allow dogs, drive thrus that have doggie cones, Pet Co, etc). Just bring them back before closing time.
Our fosters chat group is already filling up with photos of the lucky doggos out enjoying the dates. And so far, we’ve had great weather for it. It’s so sweet.






Passarinho by Joyce Moreno, from the álbum “Passarinho Urbano”. Mrs Joyce put a melody in a poem called “Poeminha do Contra” by Mario Quintana, a piecd almost impossible to be translated due a pun with birds and the verb pass.


Something very special for you:

Our landlady’s half-Spanish sister, Elena, is returning to Spain after three years of helping to run our local.

She is a favourite amongst the local doggy community (Perhaps thanks to the snacks and blankets she provides at the drop of a hat). The girls have cobbled together a wonderful send-off video for her.

Here is Baillie’s contribution (Volume Up):


Baillie has a surprisingly good speaking voice.


It is heavily edited.

(He swears like a feckin’ docker).


This is from a few years ago. People were feeding birds at a park and this coot got a piece of bread. But a pair of greedy gulls gave chase until the poor coot dropped it.

And because video is the new hotness in this thread, you can watch the whole scene in glorious 1 frame per second:



Here is a video of my dogs and some water birds. Posted more of this in heat dome thread, but will put my pets in here. Mainly trying out video.

It uploaded. Not seeing preview shot, so don’t know if functional.

Here are the hounds in frame with pelican. Looks like a swan from here.



focus, gattito, focus!


Old man says nope, not today.

Doctor drained 400 ml of fluid from his mid section, he came home a pound lighter. Doctor said it was a white fluid, we opted not to send it out for testing because the treatment is still the same.

He’s a little wobbly because they had to sedate him but he’s feeling better. He’s hoovering up food like crazy.

Now we wait to see how fast it comes back. If it comes back slowly we can drain it again. It’s wait and see but this evening is a much better outcome than we were prepared for.

He always gets a fluff and fold after a visit to the doctor.


(((old man!)))
loves and pets and scritches.
dammit, man! i think i love that ketteh as much as i love the three fur baby island cats that own me! :heavy_heart_exclamation:

to the group:
there was a discussion on nutritional pastes/gels for kittehs that need calories, but won’t or can’t eat their food. @knoxblox , was that one of your babies? i know many of you had suggestions and i am needing something for ChiliDog Cat. she is a senior kitteh, 17yo and recently started losing weight - lots. diagnosis is hyperthyroidism, she is wasting away.
after fighting with the compounding pharmacy the vet uses over pricing and other availability, we found the exact medicine on Chewy. finally got vet to ok the Chewy 'script.
now we are giving her medication every day (for the rest of her little life), but it has put her off her food - like the stuff she loved doesn’t taste good anymore(?) and she is not gaining any weight.
many of y’all had some thoughts and suggestions as to ways to get calories and nutrition into kitties that are too weak to eat or just off their food.


she does love a box in a sunbeam.


This stuff is like crack when he have sick kitties.

Churu INABA Cat Treats, Grain-Free, Lickable, Squeezable Creamy Purée Cat Treat/Topper with Vitamin E, Taurine, & Green Tea, 50 Servings, Tuna with Chicken, Scallop and Salmon

Delectables is also a good one to try.

But, at this stage in game it’s all about calories so just try anything, even people food.

Old man was not liking food a while back, one day he went to town on my wife’s ranch dressing. We let him have as much as he wanted. Sometimes it primes the pump and he starts eating other food.

Old Man also has thyroid disease, he’s on felimizole twice a day. When he quit eating we discovered he loved boneless skinless chicken breast poached or boiled and then cut into tiny pieces or shredded.

Your can also ask your vent for an appetite stimulant to rub on kitty’s ear.