Post your Pet or animal Pics




If that was Nori you’d be able to see the sparks coming off of him, and likely bursting the balloons.


Some photo competitions about nature, wildlife, animals around the world…

If you would like to participate in a contest, always read the rules carefully beforehand. Once I almost participated in a contest whose rules were actually a trap for the participants. Luckily, a more experienced friend called my attention to the possible loss of the rights to my photos if I agreed to take part in the competition.

Like some of those EULAs that you click on any software or social network, some may contain abusive clauses.

The Golden Turtle Festival is the largest international eco-educational project, bringing together photographers, designers and artists celebrating the beauty of the wildlife.
For photographers, artists and designers from all over the world, the winners of which are exhibited at the Wildlife Festival in Moscow and regional exhibitions during the all-russian roadshow.

We believe that all the participants of the GOLDEN TURTLE International Wildlife Festival and its photo contest should put ethical treatment of nature and animals in the center of their art. We encourage each author to be an example and a rolemodel for ethical behavior and professionalism for other photographers and wildlife lovers. (Only photos of pets. The rules are in Spanish)

This cultural contest aims to stimulate and develop the empathy of people for Marine Biodiversity through photography, especially by humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae), which have great potential to become symbols of Brazilian marine conservation. This contest, is an instrument of environmental awareness, with the purpose of promoting the connection of people with nature. The forms of dissemination used by this contest are social networks, website and spontaneous media. (This contest is open to foreign photographers, but the rules are in Portuguese)





I am never standing next to water in Southeast Asia ever again.


Tigers love water, unlike cats that I’ve tried to bathe.


I knew that jaguars and tigers were comfortable swimmers, but I didn’t know they swam underwater.


I’m surprised to see a thread here about…
pics. of pets.

(Old Cat Lady here!)


Some days it’s the only little well of happiness to be found.


Hey, we’re mutants, not monsters…


Art of camouflage not mastered but still very cozy





Sometimes when I buy pollo asado I have to wait a while before eating, because my omeprazole needs time to be absorbed.
The entire time, Ruby will sit on the arm of my chair and vocally beg until she reaches a point where she loudly “huffs” in defeat.


Black Friday Cat


I should get a pic with a proper camera instead of my phone. This wasn’t the one that lets me get close but he/she? was the only one of 3 regulars that know me. Another showed up just as I was getting back in the house. Today is a good day to spoil them with kitty kibble.


LOL, it took me a minute to spot the bird and I thought you had a special connection to this particular garbage receptacle. :laughing:


Soft kitty
Warm kitty…


(sort of) Heart Shaped Bob