Post your Pet or animal Pics


Temporary addition to the animal horde. We’re hosting this big boy while his owner relocates. I kept him separate from our resident beasties the first night, so he hung out in our storage room. My daughter is cat crazy; she was over the moon at having another one in the house. It started out like this:

And then the switch flipped, and we had this:

In his defense, he didn’t use claws. He was overwrought, tapped out and just DONE.

He’s out of solitary now. Alpha Cat and Other Cat alternate between studiously ignoring him and following him around. Other than some hissing, it’s been uneventful so far. Omega Dog got slapped for too aggressive butt sniffing and is properly cowed.



Emperor Palpakitty!


Helping with the dishes


So far this is their absolute favorite baby toy.


My two fight over all the high spots, mainly because Ruby won’t let Tasha have her alone time. I’m thinking I need to build a cat tree with platforms of equal height spaced far apart.


The best spot is always where the other one is sleeping: it’s nice and warm!


Any other cat parents here seen website before?

They are lovely, but it’s one of those where you gotta ask the price…


Nice. Mrs. The Ratel found one covered in leaves. Also no listed price.

Nori’s just going to have to settle for the PetsMart special.

We do want to get a few more in the future, and have plans to build a bridge from this one to the top of our new bookshelves.


Feline pedantry: catwalk is the technical term.
[Edit: yes.]


I found the price by clicking on the the different ones that are listed, on right hand side?

But too rich for my blood…The first one is $429.00 (3-level).


Ah! You dug further than I did!

Sheesh! At that price, the cat is SURE to ignore it!


I keep thinking I should really make scratching posts. Righteous bucks!


Same problem (in my experience, at least). Spend time or money on a thing, cats will turn their nose up. Throw away a shoe box, it’s their new bed for the next 5 years. Of course, you could make it and enjoy doing so, making it worth it, even if the cat never sits on it.

One of my aunts sent my daughter a crinkly bag thingie for her cat - cat ignored it. But the aunt Linda Memorial box still gets regular use by kitty.


Yep. My cat gets excited over wadded up paper receipts and toilet paper tubes.


Cat trees are something special, though. They love the altitude and the scratchy bits. I’d love to make my own, but I’ve had to accept that I haven’t the time.

And making things myself has never saved me any money.




Baby northern water snake (Nerodia sipedon sipedon (L)) on the walk by the back porch. Probably a little under six inches long.

These guys are madly aggressive if they think they are threatened or their territory is being invaded. This one tried to bite me about a dozen times!


This is Norbert, for contrast. He is a pretty little checkered eastern garter snake (Thamnophis sirtalis sirtalis (L)) that mistakenly believes he is very tough and scary. Most garter snakes do not have an attitude, Norbert is “special”.


Isn’t he beautiful? Oh, bless him!