Post your Pet or animal Pics


But is it the food? Our cats just like sniffing and biting thick sheet plastic. Some old electronics bags, our shower curtains, even some of my laminated maps have been perforated.


All I know is, Tasha bites stuff like plastic, but if she gets a whiff of food near an object, she will try to destroy the object to get the food.
I have an electronic diary, much like a cellphone, to track my progress in a medicine study I’m part of. I charge it on the counter next to the cat food bin. One night I forgot to feed the cats before bed, and woke up to find large gouges across the faux-leather cover on the phone. It looked like it had been through a war zone.
I also have to keep pasta or rice packages stored away, or there will be pasta or rice all over the counter. Strangely enough, the bread loaves go untouched.


I have a Pinterest board filled with cat trees.

Winter is coming, and there are projects to be made!
If I can convince the husband that a cat tree is something we all need in our life.


Okay, weird stuff here. Ruby cat just experienced the space heater being on for the first time, and is freaking out like a cat would in a car.
Tasha is just looking around wondering what the problem is…
This is the first time I’ve ever seen a cat react negatively to a space heater. Has anyone else had this experience with their cat?


New to me. All of mine are suckers for any heat source. Alpha Cat thinks the gas logs were installed just for her and tends to banish the lesser animals to suboptimal heat seeking locations.

For fun and games in warmer weather (or after a cooking disaster), I can turn on the whole house fan. When that beast roars to life, all three cats flee the demon spawn from hell in the hall ceiling.


If you do get some made, please post in the craft thread! maybe with a tutorial of some kind.


I think maybe the fan on the space heater is a bit noisy. It’s the rectangular type with the zig-zag filament inside that’s been manufactured for decades.
She’s walking cautiously whenever she’s near it. I don’t dare make a move or I think she’ll wind up clinging to the ceiling.

Edit: A day later, Tasha is loving the space heater. Ruby is not. Ruby doesn’t enter the room when it is on unless there is something in the room she wants.
She’s edged close enough to know it gives out heat, but I think she just doesn’t trust it.


Pet, for now. There’ll have to be some major relocation before some of our more arachniphobic relatives come to stay.


Sensors detect a giant space monster orbiting just outside the accretion disk?


Ennui is a box that’s too small.



Just gotta try harder.



Behold! The cat of ultimate comfort!

[on Mr. Kidd’s lap]


And now impersonating a ded kitteh


Needs a sword in his paws.




Other Cat, just hanging out in a bucket.



(Alternate title: Non-consensual Grooming)


Thank you! I needed this after reading the single payer healthcare as a feminist issue comment thread on the eve of tomorrow’s special election.