Post your Pet or animal Pics


Here are those paws again :laughing:


So massive! He’s got old man fur tufts in his ears, too! So cute!



Recursive kitty!


Friday afternoon cat puddles:

How am I supposed to work when I’m surrounded by this much concentrated relaxation?


Oh, my, I had some dining room chairs upholstered in that fabric (2nd picture)! My beasties shredded them - best claw sharpening surface ever!


Cats upon new mat, stat


Alpha Cat (up top, naturally) and Bonus Cat snoozing this rainy morning.


If you build it, they will come!


Strawberry Sunday

The Ratel kit got one of his fingers in her beak a few days ago. She’s getting quite a bite: took a little effort on my part to get her to release him. Didn’t quite break the skin, but a really nasty pinch and it was red and swollen all day.

Today he’s trying to hand feed her again.


Sunday evening, watching Blue Planet II with mommy and daddy


Niko, Love Glove™, and a not inconsequential percentage of fluff formerly known as Niko.

Spring comes early in AZ.


Strawberry Sunday


Young Jarvis has been crook; yesterday he was really weak and seemed sore, but he started to eat late in the day. He’s got a fair bit more life in him today, which is a big relief, but he still seems pretty tired, poor little guy.


Floof Alert!


Continued improvement from Mister Mischief; he was chasing a laser, having perked up considerably :grinning:




Our fat cat has recently earned the nickname Cat of Ultimate Comfort, but your cats are the Kings of Ultimate Comfort.


Nori, from our first 90° day of the year. Poor guy is so electric the sparks hurt me when I brush him. I could probably rub him on my shirt and stick him to the fridge.