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Laundry day


How did you get the background so black?


It was totally by chance. There were several factors that are used in the so-called low key photography gathered that day. I used these elements without knowing it.

The lens I was using for shooting that day was very dark. The background of the scene was dark, after all it was the end of the day, and the bird was catching some light. I measured the light on it and took the picture.

The result surprised me. I did not even have to make many adjustments at home later. Now I know how to do this, I’m always trying to take a picture like that every time I see that heron in the chapel pond.

This is the kind of lens I used for the photos:

Here you have more and better information on this subject:

This is the very same place. Now you can see the background.


Nice. I kind of like that shot too.


I liked It too. I felt like Oh, nossa, I am a photographer now. Hahhahah.



Rio de Janeiro, 2017.




Y’know that Johnny Wormser kid? Kid delivers papers in the neighborhood? He’s a fine kid. Some of the neighbors say he smokes crack, but I don’t believe it.
Anyway, for his tenth birthday, all he wanted was a burrow owl. Kept buggin’ his old man, “Dad, get me a burrow owl. I’ll never ask for anything else as long as I live!” So the guy breaks down and buys him a burrow owl.



What a crazy song! I loved it!

I didn´t know that the queers were creating an undergrund comunity in Iowa!


Other Cat, noble hunter of ice cream


She’s starting to put on the “cute face” when she sees the camera coming.


The cats. They know how to melt our hearts.

She is very beautiful.


I scream for Ice cream!





The boys


Marcello chilling in the sun.