Post your Pet or animal Pics


I would be lying if I said that was not the inspiration for the kitties name.


Had the two old girls euthanized yesterday :cry:
Daisy developed a sudden head tilt, one of her eyes started to bulge, and she started to rapidly lose motor control and orientation. She did not respond to treatment for an inner ear infection, so the likely culprit was a tumor.
Violet’s mammary tumors were starting to impact her mobility. It didn’t seem right for her to live her remaining weeks alone, when she and Daisy were such a bonded pair.
So, rest in peace, little ones.


I’m so sorry for your losses, @Wayward. I hope you feel better soon.


So sorry to hear that. That’s always a hard decision.


Condolences. It’s hard to lose the furry companions.


I’m sorry to hear this.


Eu sinto muito.

I am sorry.

Sinto muito.


Daughter calls this the “flying” position. :thinking:

Also, thanks for all the kindness about my last post! :heart:


The little girl uses the cat shelves more than the big boy does. Possible reasons: he weighs lots more and/or she has levitating abilities.


I used to have a tiny little 5 lb fluffball kitteh that had no problem jumping to the top of the refrigerator from the floor. One of her nicknames was “spring-loaded”.


Friday afternoon, hard at work.


Rio das Flores, 2012.


São Paulo, 2015.


My cat: Moneypenny.


Pretty bug surveying the raspberry bush.


They’ve worked hard all year: time for a well deserved vacation.


Rio de Janeiro, 2013.


Conservatória, 2008


Stunning photos, and thank you very much for including the wiki entries. :+1:


moar fotos of doggos pleez signed, a friend

ps u will obey the cuteness