Post your Pet or animal Pics




Interesting. I was once in a place full of street cats. Some of them were friendly, others were indifferent as cats tend to be when bored. But one of them ran into the bag I was using to carry my camera.

Now, after reading about it, I think it was the way that cat found to cope with anxiety.

I think it’s very easy to think of cats (or dogs or any other animal) in terms of stereotypes. Animals are as diverse as we, humans beings, are.



This one is the only one of my three cats who has this box (and bag) obsession. Alpha Cat and Bonus Cat will both leisurely explore a box if one is left lying around and might even sit in it for a bit, but neither one is especially excited about it, unlike Other Cat. But then, she’s a very “high need” beastie in general.



Suspicious duck.




That drake is totally stalking you!


“Oh, hi, can I, um…borrow your VR headset?”


Soon… Soon…


They’ll spare you if you offer tributes…


Hail our Anatidae overlords!



Jogi, 2 days old.


ETA: local zoo, not Africa.


We’ve decided this picture captures her personality perfectly.


It seems she despises paparazzi.


At the Sonora Desert Museum this morning.


João de Barro, Rio de Janeiro, 2018.