Post your Pet or animal Pics


Back from the vet.

Nori, our long cat (bottom) weighs in at 12lbs. Li’l Baby Tub-tub (Niko), somehow weighs 14lbs. I think the vet’s scales are broken, but there’s dark talk of someone going on a “diet”.


Good luck with that diet thing. Two of my three are hefty, and despite cutting their food back dramatically and putting the skinny cat’s full bowl out of their reach, they’re both holding steady because they help themselves to the dog’s kibble. Doggo won’t eat at set meal times, and he’s too old to change his ways. Also, the cats intimidate him.


But how is that possible when he’s the ittlest, bittlest kittle?


We’ll see. Madam Mrs. The Ratel has plans, but they’ll have to wait until individual bowls show up in the mail.


I think I should do it too…


Dark matter.


“Do you really expect me to believe you want less of this?”


Other Cat says hi when you sit down.