Post your Pet or animal Pics


Mine drools on all that she surveys.


Frajola (AKA Sylvester), Rio de Janeiro, 2018


Strange Orbits



I like how the cat seems annoyed in that pic. Perfect cat reaction.


Update: my mother suggests that it’s a “Curved-line Angle”, whatever that means. Moths are the rock upon which entomologists’ sanity breaks.


Derpasaurus would be in kitteh rapture if we had a moth in the house. It is his favoritest toy.


Niko has to settle for flies, or the occasional small beetle. Otherwise he sits and stares at spiders on the ceiling, crying piteously.


Such a graceful guy…

(to be fair, he often is sitting very proper and handsomely, but he can also often be found like this)


My female tailless wonder sits thusly with alarming regularity:

Your cat is in fine company.


“Hey, where’s the remote?”


About how tall is this bird?


I’m not sure. This peacock should be about a meter (40 inches) tall. I think that there are 2 or 3 peacocks in this park, along with ducks, gooses, swans, cutias and several cats.

Speaking of tall birds, this one-meter-tall brazilian chicken was recently sold for approximately 19560 US dollars.


That thing looks more like a cassowary than a chicken.


Maybe it is a sinister plot to recreate the dinosaurs.


If by “sinister” you mean “totally awesome”!


Just got a hand-me-down camera with a zoom. Don’t actually have the opportunity to really use it, but I present to you my first blurd:


Just a house sparrow. Starting small!

They roost in numbers in our pomegranate in the back yard, along with house finches. Here in AZ they are invasive, while the house finches are native.

Obligatory XKCD



These insects scare me a lot.


If you’re not a butterfly, you have nothing to fear. :wink: