Post your Pet or animal Pics


Spent a few days in Cochise Stronghold. Pictures are all pretty much crap, though.

Deer were everywhere, and pretty tame.

And a classic blurd:



Better luck with the lizards. They were doing pretty well considering we had hard freezes each night.

Their underbellies were even more dramatic than this, but this was the best shot I could get.


My local suburban deer are more camera friendly. This is the less blurry snap. I had to work fast before my 9-yr-old couldn’t contain her excitement anymore.


In 2014, I walked most of the way from Wichita, KS to Austin, TX. Somewhere near OKC, I passed a Walmart distribution center around 10 or 11 pm. Huge expanse, manicured lawns, etc. Across the road, in a wooded area, I spotted a full-grown buck and two does in the light of the full moon. I stood frozen for a few moments, until he gave a snort, and all 3 ran off into the trees. What a beautiful sight.



Rhinopeacock (rhinocock? peanoceros?) and Jean Claude van Squirrel.


Had not seen this pun before, it made me laugh, cheers :joy:


I’m not on Face***k, but my wife is, and subscribes to a group called something like “Crap Bird Photography”; I stole the term from them.


Black Friday, SAARA, Rio de Janeiro.


Cutias. Rio de Janeiro.



Some Animals/wildlife photo competitions :


A rare sighting of the top of a Rat-cat!


Let me in…

Let me in…


He’s actually saying “Let me out, let me out!”, which is not gonna happen here in coyote-town.

The haze around his head is where I assume the previous resident’s dog scratched at the glass, while the double-glow eyes are from my headlamp (grilling in the yard after dark).


Frango d´Água. Sharp focus is for wimps!


Not mine but by Mads Nordsveen/Caters News, but far too much Awww for not to post.



According to Mr. Oscar Wilde, the only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it… She, as the irish writer and victorian fashion victim, could resist everything but temptation of petting a kitten. I can´t blame her.


Garcinha Branca, Egretta thula.