Potpourri: the $63,000 machine that transforms pot plants into concentrates


So many detailed descriptions made me hope to see accompanying photos. If the machine is viewable to the public, why not us readers?

There’s a picture on the Apeks site:

Interesting that one of the best-known applications for supercritical fluid extraction is to decaffeinate coffee without removing too much of the flavour- but here they’re trying to extract as much of the flavour as they can, along with the THC.

There are accompanying photos!

Here’s a video demonstration of the Apex in (very industrial) action:

I wonder how the Apek rig compares to Eden Labs rig - although personally I prefer BHO to CO2 extracted oil.

Ah, really, I hope it is used to transform some of the pot plant into extract. They shouldn’t do that to decent bud.

Thanks to all for the great comments!

@bbtimquinn the system will extract oil from any part of the plant. Most folks won’t perform extractions on bud because it has more value in flower form than a concentrated oil.

More info can be found on our website - www.apekssupercritical.com


Because he is aware that his clients intend to violate federal law using the equipment he sells, he could end up in prison. Sounds far-fetched, but please recall we have imprisoned people for selling lights.

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