Pouring Coca Cola into molten lead creates nifty wall art


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Is this lead fried in Coca-Cola or Coca-Cola fried in lead?


Either way it can’t be healthy with all those lead fumes.


I strongly urge everyone to NOT try this. Lead fumes and the fact lead is absorbed through the skin makes this all a very bad idea.

And calling that happy accident art is a tad generous. A hot-mess is more accurate.


Everyone’s down on the lead fumes, but what about the Coke? Didn’t anyone else have a school teacher who’d drop a nail into a bottle of Coke? After a few days the nail would disappear and the teacher would say, “Now just imagine what it does to your teeth!”

Of course all I could think was, what a waste of a good Coke.


Why waste it? Just consider it to be iron-fortified.


And if your teeth were metal, that would mean something.


You’re trolling, right? Calcium is a metal.


Don’t make me separate you two. :smiling_imp:


Teeth aren’t made of pure calcium!


There are no lead fumes with melting lead. Lead melts at 327celcius but does not boil until 1749celcius (3180F) which this fellow is not going to reach with a camping stoves.

The real risk is a steam explosion with any liquid and molten metals.


He should have gone with Diet Coke and Mentos added to molten lead. (I know, I know…)

The first time I melted lead on a gas burner I was 10 and had to wait for my parents to leave the house so I wouldn’t get in trouble. Good times.


That would be literally mindblowing.


Reviewing a camp stove by melting lead in it?

What’s wrong with some beans or stew or something? I almost never consume molten lead, even when I’m not camping, which is always.


So pretty. I want one, but I’m not about to melt some lead for it.


Just an fyi for everyone, yeah lead steam blast is a big danger (just ask me why to make sure that molds are completely dry!), but there are numerous less toxic low melt metals and alloys that you could use if you want to make kewl wall art (less concerned about fumes as much as having hunks of lead hanging around the house…)

Also, the guys from taofledermaus regularly do pretty crazy but AWESOME stuff…


Yes. And? Looks like art to me. Materials transformed via a deliberate process to produce unexpected or not strictly controlled results can still count as art.



…or continuously submerged in Coca-Cola for a week.


That’s a huge relief. When I melted lead with my basement chemistry set I never thought about fumes. Mostly I just thought, holy shit, I can’t believe rubbing alcohol burns that hot.

On the other hand there was my friend whose son wanted to see what happened when you boil mercury. After the hazmat team was done with their house they had to take pills for weeks. Still I thought that kid’s gonna be a cool scientist someday.