What happens when you pour molten copper on a giant jawbreaker


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From 4 minutes on… Do you want ants? because that’s how you get ants.


Someone finally comes up with a reasonable use for a 1 pound jawbreaker.


Succumb - to stop trying to resist something, to die.

The jawbreaker sweated burning sugar for a long time, and slowly got slightly smaller. At no point does it lose its shape or structural integrity to the heat. When it finally does succumb, it’s to hammer blows, not heat. When the author finally puts a piece of it in his mouth, I succumb to the urge I should have heeded minutes before, and shut the video off.


So boring. Usually with these pour molten metal on object videos something interesting happens. With this it was, Jawbreaker melts a little, then he smashes it open like the tootsie pop owl. So glad I skipped forward and didn’t waste too much time on this video.


Wouldn’t it have been far better to place the jawbreaker into the molten copper rather than drizzle it on?


“What happens when you [insert completely bizarre thing here]?” was a question I asked myself so often when I was a kid and it seemed like I would never get the answers.



I was hoping for something like the end of Terminator 2. Big letdown.

Red Hot Nickel Ball did it better:


It would float on the surface and carbonise underneath, slowing the rate of heat transfer. Fundamentally it’s not a very interesting or enlightening experiment.

Pour the same quantity of molten copper into a container of water, much more interesting [do not try this at home].



This will be the next modernist cooking trend.


I thought it would be more like this.


Thank you for a genuine LOL.


So this is that famous golden shower thing?


The guy ran out of nickel balls?


Transport phenomena was never more exciting!


Yuck! Why copper? Everyone knows lead tastes much better. Mmmm, sweet,sweet lead.


that’s the best one yet!


Ablative armor is not to be underestimated. Sugar burns fairly readily with much less coaxing than a stream of molten metal; but in doing so it also shrugs off a stream of molten copper with only modest loss of material.

Boring, I agree; but it should be mandatory viewing for everyone on the R&D (or think-tank hype) train for ‘directed energy weapons’ and fancy pew-pew lasers.

“Yeah, the blue team is attempting to surmount energy density barriers in photonics and material science to boost solid state laser array output beyond 100Kw. The red team is considering the possibility that adding a spray nozzle to keep the protective layer of mud damp might be necessary at some point in the future.”


Marcus Licinius Crassus(involuntarily) endorses the taste of delicious liquid gold.