Sadistic science: What happens when somebody pours molten gold down your throat?


That article definitely had a Mythbusters vibe to it. I assume once the person was executed, the gold was removed.

I’m hoping it looked something like this:


Wylie J A. History of the Jesuits. The tortures of the Inquisition (

Kind of a strange website to cite.

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For a moment I was afraid that I had missed an episode of Game of Thrones.


A: “He has a golden tongue, that one.”

B: “You mean he speaks very eloquently?”

A: “Well, he USED to.”


This is mild compared to some of the early experiments done by the Royal Society.

“What happens when somebody pours molten gold down your throat?”

6-8 hours later you get a gold ring.


I believe Maggie caught the opening paragraph describing how gold had been used in the past to execute folks, but the researchers, in this case, used 750 g of “pure lead” to kill the already dead cow’s larynx. And, not to ruin the surprise, but death appears to be brought on by the bursting of internal organs (via steam) and suffocation (via lung collapse because of big sciency words). Interesting and horrible, Maggie–you’ll do well as a parent.

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