Power-pylons that look like looming giants

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First thought: Urgh, xkcd #556. Good luck Iceland.
Second thought: The pylons are SO nice, I want them in my neighborhood.


Giants? Awesome!


2008’s news, today!

Guessing they aren’t going to be built.


Well, it’s unlikely I’d visit Iceland to see the completed version, but still. Fuck.

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For some reason, these have started showing up on other sites as well over the last couple of days. I’m guessing one news outlet discovered them, and everybody else has just started reposting this awesome “new” project. Still, I didn’t hear about it when it was originally designed, so… Neat!

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Well, they may be useful for keeping the Jotnar contained…


Did you ever see Troll Hunter?

great movie. i still randomly yell, ‘TTRRRROOOOOLLLLLLLL!!!’.


I’m okay with this being reposted (re-discovered?) because I see it as underlining the idea that form follows function even though that form may not immediately represent the function it’s meant to perform. It’d be nice to see more large infrastructure projects taking this into account.

You must construct additional pylons. And this time, they must be totally awesome.

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