Power plant looks like it's holding a giant cigarette (and features its own year-round ski slope)

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Why can’t we have nice things?


Bjarke Ingels is the poster child for Instagram architecture. Not a bad thing as a sales tool, but none of it is going to age well. And that’s sort of the point with architecture.

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power outages in the North and South as the only way to avoid massive wildfires

Or — I dunno — could hold industry accountable for maintaining safe and effective power delivery systems.


They finally built it! Yay! I’m very happy about this for some reason. And sad that the smoke ring blowing machine idea got shelved.


Apparently Denmark has a percentage of assholes that’s low enough that said nice things don’t get ruined or fought tooth and nail. To the point where multiple books have been written just to point out that Denmark and other Scandinavian countries have assholes at all and aren’t literally perfect.

Meanwhile, over here, the asshole percentage is so high that we can’t even have okay things, let alone nice ones, because someone will inevitably destroy them or battle against them out of pure spite.


The Netflix show Abstract: The Art of Design has a wonderful episode on Bjarke Ingels. And his April, 2019 TED Talk on Floating cities, the LEGO house and other architectural forms of the future is pretty mind-blowing, too.

Oh, oh yeah, now I remember.

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