Power Wash Simulator now canonically part of Final Fantasy

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PowerWash Simulator is a great game that does exactly what it says it will do: Power washing objects and buildings. If you want a meditative relaxing activity, this game is exactly what you need.

To note: the Final Fantasy and Tomb Raider tie-ins are free DLC to the game. If you own the game, you got the DLC. Base price of the game gets you the DLC.

Honestly, this is probably the most sensible decision Squenix management have made in a few years. Which, to be clear, is mostly a critique of their wholesale ineptitude than saying this is the best decision ever.

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They can do whatever they want to that remake. But, what a missed opportunity for the moogle painting mechanic of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. Even in the remaster it takes quite some time to clean.

I get the appeal. I have played quite a bit of Just Mowing.


I’m now just waiting for the inevitable revelation that the game is in fact just an interface for allegedly “robotic” lawnmowers.

I mean, given the other changes that Squenix have made to the plot of the remake, I think the idea of “canon” has been if not destroyed then smeared across the landscape in a manner that could only be removed by vigorous power washing.

If Ender’s Game was prophetic and pathetic.

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