Powerful video campaign in Scotland against mental health stigma

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“Can’t complain.”

This might work in Scotland, but in the US, where it’s extremely improper to honestly answer the ubiquitous greeting of “How are you doing?” I don’t know if it will take off…


Qualitatively? Or causally?

Maybe it’s just my experience but I’m not sure it’d fly too well in England, either.

You could be standing on a rooftop holding a hostage at knife point whilst bawling like a newly orphaned child and if asked if you’re okay, any answer more in depth than “Can’t complain.” or “Felt better.” will result in the enquirer looking for an excuse to leave.

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There’s the casual “how ya doin” and there’s the more personal “are you okay” delivered in a context and with cues that indicate yes, I am asking for reals, not just doing idle chit-chat. It’s not too hard to tell the difference.


That was beautiful.

No. Not really. I’m having a real hard time finding a job and I’ve just about run out of money. And it’s wicked stressing me out.

Most people shut down and turn away or regard you as someone they don’t want to be around when you tell them the truth.


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