Prankster farts near strangers in public while staring into their eyes (video)

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A monetized YouTube channel? Does he get a model release?

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I don’t know, usually I like absurd humor but I found the first one oddly aggressive and insulting to those 2 women, and then noticed he definitely targets a certain type for this prank. It’s almost always young women.
They laugh it off, but I find it a pretty crappy prank.


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Feels not much different than dudes who have masturbated at me.

Grossly forcing random people to deal with your body fluids for kicks is obnoxious.

What a gross concept and a nasty person.


Good analogy.
The first one, especially, felt verging on assault to me, but it seemed maybe an overblown reaction on my part.
But you’re right, it made me feel the same way as when men randomly masturbated at me.
It’s abusive and targetted.
It’s not funny.
I would like to see the “prankster” go up to a group of dude bros and try this. I did note that even when he had men within his target zone, he stared at the women, not the men, and usually focussed on groups where the women outnumbered the men.


Well, at least he doesn’t go THAT far?

(Nah, I agree. This is weird, disturbing shit, I mean, behavior.)


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