Prankster freaks people out at trade show


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to all pranksters of the world: I do not love you.


I, however, do love the pranksters of the world. Especially when they spice their videos with hilarious dramatic music like this.


This reminds me of something a friend and I did in high school. We’d have a normal conversation and replace one word with the name of a classmate sitting nearby. For instance, “I really wanted to go to the football Katie last night but my mom wouldn’t let me.” Of course we’d swear up and down that we weren’t talking about that person, that we never said anyone’s name, and suggest some kind of uber self involvement led the person to hearing his or her name. We found it funny at the time. I doubt our classmates did.


Unlike most of the pranks which have been showcased on Boing Boing, I actually like this one!

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That was so childish. Boy. I wish I had though of that at the time :slight_smile:


I wish you remember when you (or your loved ones) are victim of any prankster (especially when it broadcasted on natinonal/international channels).
I think, pranks are very humiliating.
(ps: I apologize for my English mistakes)

He’s literally saying their name as they walk by.

If you’re at an expo and someone says your name as you walk by, aren’t you going to turn around? Maybe you know them or they’re referencing you for a reason.

There’s no ‘paranoia’ involved.

That is wonderful! I love it multiples.

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