Preschool teacher fired for dragging a child down a hallway

truly irresponsible;
she should’ve grabbed from under the armpits to support their weight properly

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Depending on circumstances I am not against a teacher dragging a child along a smooth floor like that.

I am against dragging them by the arm, however. Too easy to accidentally dislocate.

(And I realize others may feel differently about a teacher dragging their child.)

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It’s a shame whoever took the picture didn’t take a video instead, that would have supplied more context. For all we know, the kid was spouting a tirade worthy of the Exorcist, and we don’t know if she was actually dragging him, or patiently standing there waiting for him to get up or gently tugging his arm.


I feel differently. I wouldn’t give a shit if I saw my son’s teacher dragging him to the office by his arm because I trust her and know that she wouldn’t ever want to hurt him.

This whole thing is just ridiculous. There’s a huge difference between just yanking a kid’s arm from a dead stop or gently tugging them down a smooth hallway. If this was a picture of my son’s teacher, I would have no doubt she was doing the latter. And I would automatically assume she had her reasons unless someone gave me reason to think otherwise.

Reading the sophomoric responses to this post on Facebook, I’m just totally amazed. I don’t spank my children and I don’t believe in “tough love.” I could easily see how this photo, coupled with other accusations would get someone in trouble but the photo itself doesn’t effect me at all.


Speaking as a professional de-escalator of bad behavior. There are lots of reasons to never drag a kid who’s not your own, and the risk of shoulder dislocation is just one of them. The risk of getting mercilessly hounded to do it “again! again!” is the other.

In all seriousness… The hounding will show up in the form of attention-seeking behavior, either from the kid you dragged, or from any number of inspired copycat offenders. It’s seriously not worth it.


Also want to add, I hope the administrator who removed this teacher is equally vigilant about removing any adults whose primary mode of abuse is words.


no mention is made of the option to go round corners while travelling and towing we get interruptions…

…in other stories you can mount other objects (as in docking cargo vessels)

@Daneyul brought up the “go limp” action, thats one I remember using on my mom as a small boy and one I’ve seen kids do in several different countries.

OTOH as @PurpleStater brought up, I also remember it being fun to be pulled on a slick floor. The floors at my father’s workplace were like that and sometimes we’d play like that on the time I got to go into work with him. As a side note, even we went what to me felt pretty fast, my shoulders suffered no damage at all.

@knoxblox did kids at your school do the “run and dive and slide” thing or the variant where one kid swings another so the second kid can slide?

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I used to be a teacher and I once dragged a kid to the principal’s office in a similar manner, the only difference being that the child was attached to my hand by their teeth.


The district didn’t terminate her because it wasn’t the district employing her. Some outfit called “Alta Head Start” operates a program in the school. They terminated her.

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We used to just work up a running start. That didn’t last long at school, because you know, running.


Go back and walk, young man!


Social reinforcement replaced official enforcement by high school, thanks to Forrest Gump + High School hecklers’ lack of originality…

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