Teacher who said Trump aide Stephen Miller was a "strange dude" who ate glue is suspended

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No fan of Miller, but this feels like the right thing to have happened. Whatever my kid does in school, or afterwards, it’s not her teacher’s right to talk to the press about it 30 years later ‘just because’.


So what he was weird. Aren’t all 3rd graders weird in some way. I have no idea what I was like but I sure hope that no one’s going to hold it up against me decades later. The teacher should be suspended and she should be embarrassed and ashamed of herself.


Good. She should be fired, IMO. This is utterly unacceptable. So he was weird as a kid. Of what value is that information? How does it help us to deal with him now? Does it serve any purpose other than to shame the weirdo?


My mental picture of her:


I agree this was a breach on confidentiality, but it seems like the teacher was ready to retire anyways, so all in all, not the worst hill to die on. I sorta feel bad for her students though, changing teachers in the middle of the year is tough.

Won’t someone think of the powerful men.


So I guess here is the question right? While I have zero fucks to give for Miller. What if this were a teacher talking about Kamala Harris or Elizabeth Warren in the 2020 election? Would be ok with it even though we like those two vs the assclown that Miller is?

And to think about it further… is what this teacher saying even potentially fireable or suspension worthy? This is not confidential student info. She isn’t releasing info on disciplinary action taken or his academic and behavioral records. She didn’t come out with “oh that little snot. He had an IEP and we had to meet every other week to update it. He had this disorder and this learning disability and we had to make all these accommodations for him”. Nothing she is saying is confidential it’s all observable public behavior.

I’m with you on the cry me a river for poor entitled Stephen miller. But if this commentary (so long as it is true and accurate to the persons recollection) is all there is. It’s fair game regardless of who it’s about. In Miller’s case it simply confirms what we already thought about him.

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Exactly what I thought as well about the glue story.

“Really? Grade school?”

Not cool.

I thought the grade school comments were a little much, and inappropriate to bring up. And I was about to write that it doesn’t ever matter what kids do in 3d grade, but I should qualify that. Some things can be pretty dispositive even at an early age, such as hurting animals or other kids. So I can’t completely say that we should never be concerned about the childhood behavior of adults in the administration.

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Yeah, I’m fine with this. The only valuable part of the story was little Eichmann’s parents insisting that the teacher’s comments on the report card be stricken from the record lest it derail their special boy’s glorious future. Knowing how his parents enabled this creep is unsurprising and doesn’t add a whole lot.

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Hey, the cool kids (like me) ate gum erasers.

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Does it matter? No, it doesn’t. We live in a shit world were people are regularly bullied for existing. I’m sorry that I’m not weeping tears of sadness for Miller. I’m sure that makes me a shitty human being all around, as clearly, he’s the real victim here…


Also lots of kids eat glue. I was not one of those, but this is not that weird. Kids in general are weird and this is petty.

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Miller is in charge of child kidnapping, so honestly I couldn’t care less.


My concern is not Miller. Fuck him.

My concern is this kind of reporting becoming the new normal. It absolutely should not, and we should condemn it.


This has been the case of a couple of decades now. It’s been normalized for a while. This is not the new normal, it’s been the normal since the Clinton administration.


Just a reminder. I have zero tears for him either and really don’t care how he feels about this.

My point was is what the teacher has done really a big deal? I don’t feel that it is so long as it’s truthful to her memories of him. I certainly think it fits.

I agree with @anon75430791 that it’s not a good taste in ones mouth. But to Mindysan’s point. This is not precedent setting it’s following the norm.

And to be blunt on my feelings: in this instance. Fucking good.


Grade school dirt dug up? Really? I missed when that happened I guess.

I was talking about digging up dirt in general, but I suppose, once again, I’m wrong. So, I’ll shut up.