Trump spokesdroid Stephen Miller had to be removed from studio by CNN security


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I’d say that if Miller was just delivering his own script without responding to Tapper’s questions, an interview was not happening in the first place.


I seriously wonder if this 12-year-old in the body of a 32-year-old shaves his head that way to look like his idea of a “wise” 52-year-old.


If CNN really wanted to do the weary republic a favor they’d have kept stephen_miller (version 0.03) safely locked in the renown Blitzer dungeon (aka: “the mauve room”)


Miller always reminds me of Mom’s son, Walt


the antics merely play to their base.


On NPR this morning, one journalist likened Miller’s (and others’ ) screes as “Soviet” in their message and delivery. Makes sense.


Shaved head makes it easier to insert himself up Trump’s ass.



You see? Even Clint is disgusted.


That’s pretty much exactly what Tapper said.

I get it. There’s one viewer that you care about right now, and you’re being obsequious. You’re being a factotum in order to please him. And I think I’ve wasted enough of my viewers’ time.


I saw this and I loved it. That was the most polite, yet direct, way to tell that spineless sycophant to go and fuck himself and his boss with the business end of a rake that was possible on national television.


Well I’m not getting that image out of my head at least a week, thanks.


Stephen Miller, dark lord of the Uncanny Valley

Stealing this.


He sounds like some kid trying not to cry while lawyering his mom that he didn’t hit his younger brother


Count your lucky stars it’s just an image.



The really sad thing is, it works. Stephen Miller pounded and pounded on Trump being the good guy in all this and rode right over Jake Tapper, who pounded in the opposite direction but got ridden over anyway, because Miller used far fewer and shorter words and therefore got them in a lot more times.

I’m not sure that in a format like this, anyone can beat the pro-Trump tactics. Truth doesn’t matter. Reason and logic don’t matter. Miller got his tiny message across more times than Tapper got his lengthier and bigger-word one in. Miller won.

edited for verb tense: “worked” to “works”


Wow… his head is so far up Trumps ass… he makes this guy look like an amateur.


As Tapper said, Miller was speaking to an audience of one.

So glad to hear, twice, that Trump is capable of making genius improv speech changes on the plane.


I can’t help but hope that the cameras were still running when they frogmached him out.