Prescription coffee mug


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I think I overdosed myself with the coffee a little today, I am completely jittery and wired for sound.

That is a tiny mug.

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Reminds me of a guy I met hustling a (no doubt stolen) transistor radio on Nashville’s 2nd Av when I was a teen back around '90 or 91. It was an old radio, but in good shape and it worked. I told him I didn’t need it, and all I had was less than a dollar in change on me; but he offered to sell it for that amount, so I figured why not, right? He looked to be grown, but still a young man, with a beard and long hair–very much not in fashion at the time–and just kinda rough overall. I handed him over the change for the radio.

Here’s how this story is relevant to the thread: he locked eyes with me and warned me about ending up like him, at which time he brandished his inner forearm to me. It sported a tattoo of a syringe, the needle of which was shown at only half it’s length with a drop of blood there, as if to show that it was stuck into his vein.

So yeah. This mug is kind of like that. Both the mug and the tattoo are actually pretty cool, but in a creepy kind of honest way.

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We love to celebrate caffeine’s action as a drug while pretending it isn’t a drug. This mug is appealing because it tweaks our denial on this topic.

Along the same lines, I’ve admired coffee mugs emblazoned with a standard material safety data sheet for caffeine. Here’s a version on cafepress:

I spot a usability bug (or feature) here: Coffee is going to dribble down through my lips down onto my shirt through those grooves on the edge when I drink from this mug, further augmenting the appearance that I’m a poor addict.

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