President Obama issues 61 sentence commutations, only 10,000 more to go

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He will still be accused of setting free every rapist and terrorist. Maybe he already has - I can’t bear to look.


Well, on the upside, President Drumpf will have to make room for all the press he plans to lock up.


Well, he’s The Drumpf… He’ll just build more - probably including a gold-plated torture chamber or something…

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I’m glad he saved a life. I wish he would save more.


He already did. Just staying in one of his hotels has to violate some article of the Geneva Conventions!

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It’s not just the Department of Justice failing to provide resources. When Obama announced this initiative the republican asshats in congress scrambled to starve it of resources. The American justice system is badly fucked up as it is, so you would think people would have it in their hearts to correct some of the excesses. But it wouldn’t be this fucked up in the first place if people weren’t so damn cold hearted to begin with.

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