Obama commutes 214 sentences...in one day




This is genuinely a good thing, but I hope he’s still planning to close Gitmo before President Cheeto starts trying to fill it.


Pffft. I commute 2-3 times a week.


He’ll subcontract out the expansions to the Mafia, and make Cuba pay for it! :rolling_eyes:


Wow, that’s great. I wonder if the next 5 1/2 months will be filled with similar manifestations of what I think of as 2008 Obama? Man, I do hope so!


And yet one of them was not Chelsea Manning. Why not?


Waiting for the eventual GOP howl of, “Obama Releases Wave of Cretins, Destabilization and Fall of the United States Will Happen As A Result”…

"This news likely carries special weight to the 67 individuals serving life sentences – almost all for nonviolent drug crimes..."



I don’t think we’ll get even a remotely straight answer to that question until he’s been out of office for a year or so.

These commuted sentences are consistent with what, I suspect, is Obama’s desired narrative and legacy as the POTUS who turned the tide in the War Against the War on Drugs. Which makes me wonder if there are more commutations to come.


Doesn’t matter. I do not think there is any answer that I would find acceptable.

I gobbled up the “hope and change” thing when he ran the first time. It felt good. That didn’t work out the way I expected. Yet I voted for him the second time because he was #NotRomney. That didn’t feel as good, and it still didn’t work out the way I expected. I doubt that I’d help elect him as the city animal control officer next time.


Yeah, that reminds me: what ever happened to that review of cannabis as a Schedule I drug they were supposed to be working on?


It’s still on the schedule.


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