Chelsea Manning Commuted


Continuing the discussion from Chelsea Manning on the short list for commutation: call the White House at 202-456-1111 to help her!:


That headline makes me reply …

Big, deal. I commute Monday through Friday nearly every week. OOOOOh, she commuted. Past tense. I’m so sick of this Trans-Privilege you see everywhere.



Well here is to hoping that someday you get treated the same as trans people get treated today.


The execution of that joke was not exactly on point.


I wasn’t joking. But I am pre-coffee and the words did not flow it is true.


Oh, my point was that @wisconsinplatt made a crack that didn’t land conflating the definition of transportation commute and commutation of sentence.


Oh I see. I missed the joke completely. Sorry for the fuss @wisconsinplatt.

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