Petition: commute Chelsea Manning's sentence to time served

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Signed it. She needs a lot more signatures.


“[They’re] making a list and checking it twice…”

Did anyone notice this is tagged Chelsea Clinton?

I am wondering why Chelsea Clinton is mentioned?

Probably because Wordpress tagging is alphabetically auto-suggesting stuff based on “Chelsea”

Probably a typo…meant Manning…not Clinton

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Manning pleaded guilty to multiple felony offenses, and was fully aware of the consequences. Required to serve eight years before parole can be considered.

If you wish to commit federal crimes to uphold a principle, you also have to be willing to handle the penalties.

Don’t do the crime if you can’t serve the time.

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  1. If you’re unfamiliar with the arguments as they exist then you shouldn’t have opined on the issue. I can assure you that I have no new information and I can also assure you that none is needed.

  2. You offer a binary example, as if wanting Chelsea free somehow harms the chances of a nonviolent hypothetical drug offender. Usually binary thinking indicates a low intellect or temporary impairment. I have two questions to solve this: 1) When I say “Black lives matter” do you feel that I’m indicating that non-black lives do not matter? 2) Are you high/drunk/or stupid?


@mysterr @logruszed let’s not let this thread turn into a dick waving contest

It’s not a zero sum game. You can want both. This is a thing you can sign to try and counteract an injustice. That doesn’t mean you can’t also try and counteract other injustices.


let’s not let this thread turn into a dick waving contest

No one waving, in your sight, but you.


I’m celibate. If it weren’t for this it would atrophy.

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Because a lot of people think that the information brought to light by Manning was instrumental in helping the world, rather than hurting the world. And that whistleblowing involves risking yourself and your safety for the betterment of society. Manning made data public that did not make her life better, and did it because it was the right thing to do despite the massive (and well founded risk).

There is a secondary argument that her treatment by the US Government has verged on torture, and definately crossed the line of cruel and unusual.

"Don’t do the crime if you can’t serve the time."
Manning isn’t asking Obama for a pardon. US Citizens are.


Hey I can straw man too. #alllivesmatter, right?


Because it would be an admission by the government that Manning wasn’t wrong to release the documents.


Your idea that one side is more right would have been better served by leaving that out. Manning risked and lost.


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