Chelsea Manning on the short list for commutation: call the White House at 202-456-1111 to help her!


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Chelsea Manning Commuted

Please pass that number on to others, Ms. Manning needs our help!


Given that Snowden is about to become a political bargaining chip if he remains in Russia, I sure as hell hope he’s somewhere on that list.


Just tried to call, “the comment line is currently closed, but feel free to email or Facebook message us”


I just tried calling the comments line and received a message that the line is currently closed. You can still send comments through the White House website, however.


Did so…t’anks!


Yep me too. I wonder if this is a sign of things to come. “Thank you, but we will no longer take your comments…”


Are there any plans to get her out of the US if she gets released? I’m worried she will be killed by some self proclaimed “patriot” if she remains.

She should be allowed into the UK as she is half Welsh. It’s not ideal I know, but it should be safer for her here.


Thank you for the suggestion! Just did. I hope it has some positive impact, however small.


Worth calling for clemency for First Nations activist Leonard Peltier as well.


Is there a number to call to vote “no”?


I kinda doubt he’s with a plug nickel any more.


Is the ruble still worth a plug nickel? Haven’t checked the exchange indices in a while.


Presumably, you call the same number and say that you don’t want her sentence commuted. Or email the same address and say that.


I will do my best. I think I owe Chelsea for telling me the truth.


Maybe triple-commute, setting in second command of a suitable vessel, voiding and a personal cobbler are reasonable instead. Could be a different line if you need something from an adjunct court, though.


Why does the White House have a NYC phone number?


202 is the D.C. area code. I used to live there.


Because PeeOTUS hasn’t got around to switching the White House line to a 1-900 code yet.


Fuck I mixed it up with 212. Only one order of magnitude off, very precise by theoretical physics standards!