President Obama's remarks on the NSA and surveillance


You can tell Obama is lying though. His lips are moving.


Imagine if we had a president as Liberal as the right says we do?

Does he really think we’re this stupid? I mean, we are, but does he really think that?


He just knows we are powerless to do anything about it.


I don’t care what this or any president has to say. I only care about what he does. I have to discount and disbelieve everything Obama has to say. I have absolutely no trust in this government and I never will. Neither will my friends and family.

This country requires fundamental systemic and constitutional change. This country will never move forward without deep and extensive reform. Without reform this country remain stagnant and ultimately fall. The US is in a failed state.


He knows enough of are either stupid and/or apathetic and they can get away with what ever.


They have been predicting the end of the US since 1776. I don’t think it’s going anywhere any time soon.

Whether you view the fact as inconvenient(if you want US policies to face structural constraints that force their abandonment, you do) or convenient(chaos and scarcity of staple goods is sort of a nuisance) the US is miles from the ‘failed state’ designation.

Failed states are the ones that are incapable of doing state-stuff at an even minimal level. The US is… terrifyingly effective… at getting its state on: surveillance, war, imprisonment, all sorts of cool nation-state goodies. We have an unfortunate tendency to use our powers for evil, even as far more pressing problems that could be solved by relatively inexpensive acts of good go largely ignored; but we fail at choice of activity, not at execution(well, literally speaking, we are actually surprisingly bad at execution, however much we are fond of doing it from time to time).

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I bet even homosexuals and abortion doctors would have ‘4th amendment rights’ that extend "to thoughts that you don’t think too loudly, or in public’.

I’m sure the Soviets felt the same thing.

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Obama to America:

“Yeah, we can capture your data. And you’ll just have to trust us.”

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You said the same thing from 2000-2008, I presume? (And, I’d hope, for about twenty years before that, too – but I’m more forgiving of naïvety before things got obviously bad.)

If you didn’t, then you’re just hopping on the game of blaming the guy currently in charge of the executive branch of government for things put in place long before he was, and things that aren’t even under control of the executive branch.


8 - number of times he used 9/11.


I am sure we will all be absolutely shocked when we find out in 10 years that some government lawyer is now writing up the interpretation of this speech for the NSA that says “Good Job, Carry on.”

I did not say “failed state”. I said “in a failed state”. We are not in a constitutional republic. This government is a big show. Obama, Romney, McCain, Bush, Kerry, Gore, Clinton, Bush, Reagan, Carter, Ford, Nixon, it doesn’t matter. They represent the same people and corporations.

You do not have any constitutional rights that the powers that be do not approve of. The elections are bought and ridged. Your wages and buying power has been falling for the last 40 years. We are close to the end. This country is going to die with a whimper. My only hope is we dismantle the nukes before we go.


Even if he actually wanted to make these changes (he probably does), and even if they were sufficient (they’re not), he lacks the will to do so.

Native Americans about a hundred years ago used to refer to the President as “The Great White Father.” As a multi-level joke. Because they didn’t consider him their father, and like the entire white race needed to have a “dad.” And that they’re all the same, because their policies amount to the same oppression and murder no matter who is in office. And that the Great White Fathers even look the same - how can you tell all these white guys apart? (The thing white people said/say about Indians, Africans and Asians.)

And now it has another layer of humor, in that he isn’t white.

Are they all EXACTLY the same? Well, no. A Romney would not be advocating for same sex marriage; we would have to wait another 4 or 8 years for the next cycle of Democrats to swing around and let it happen. But is that a fundamental difference between people or parties, when the net result on the populace is decreasing freedom and increasing insecurity, anxiety and fear, as well as world domination?

I don’t think we’re close to the end. But more of the same for as long as the planet will sustain us in this fashion, and then we will be thrown up like a salmonella-laced tuna sandwich.

Native Americans fantasized about one day White America rolling back off the continent like a carpet to put the land back to its original state. There were many “cults” such as the Ghost Shirts and Corn Planters who had this vision.

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This is not anti-Obama rhetoric. Bush was the guy that killed modern America. Bush and Obama are equally horrific.

America isn’t off the track, it’s off the cliff. If we don’t change the structure and character of everything we are not going to make.

Yes, economically, strategically, and the essential domestic decisions, all the same.

Glenn Greenwald take ;

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No, not EXACTLY the same. But functionally, about the same.