Obama promises statement on encryption before Xmas

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I’m worried. While Obama tends to be cleverer on tech policy than most of the rest of the political elite, he’s got a habit of bowing to the authorities when terrorist bogeymen are invoked.

At least I can be thankful he’s not Hillary this time out - with her, I don’t think there’d be a question.

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There are going to be so many boingers biting the bullet while they vote for Hillary that I expect a nationwide ammunition shortage.


Agreed. He’s much more conservative in these types of decisions than one might think initially. In many ways more so than Bush v2 on WoT, corporate influence & sadly, civil liberties. I asked Google for an example n found this site for more reading for those so inclined. I haven’t read it myself, but the bumper above the seam seems to purport to discuss those topics, so certainly not an endorsement & YMMV.
While yes, each new president since RayGun has expanded executive powers, but I thought the Big O was going to try to put that genie back in the bottle but nope. Imagine Nixon with this much executive power… or FDR

Aside from the “Hopefully we’ll manage to remember that the president doesn’t actually make laws” issue; the one nice thing about the probably-bad ‘statement’ is that Obama’s political opponents treat everything he does with irrational frothing rage; even when it’s exactly what they would have wanted.

If Obama expresses his concerns about the proliferation of encryption; even the sort of quislings who would line up to lick Comey’s boots will probably rush to get some before the sharia fascists can take it away.

“Fulsome”. Yep, right there on the Pinker “most abused words” list that was posted a few days back.

Best and brightest, baby.

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This has been a surprise to exactly no one who paid attention to Senator Obama’s vote to retroactively legalize warrantless wiretapping. After earlier promising a filibuster against it. AFAICT nothing has changed since then.


You know the old saying, “Fool me in 2008, shame on you, fool me in 2012, shame on me??”

I’m pretty sure there is plenty of shame to go around… but yea, I’ll take another helping ; )

So how again does the American government propose to replace functional cryptography for online payment and banking?

  • any cryptography with a “secret” key isn’t functional

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