Kara Swisher interviews Obama about security, gov't spying


Yknow, I count myself a fan of Mr Obama, but even I don’t expect him to tell the truth on this. It’s like Jimmy Carter and the UFO’s, we’ll just never know what they know we don’t know.

Obama’s encryption discussion shows the technical disconnect that exists in writing the policy, even if it were to be enforced by someone who "lean[s] probably further on side of strong encryption than some in law enforcement.”

On this, personally, I generally like Obama, as he seems like a nice guy, but when it comes to spying… and some other critical issues clearly he is getting steamrolled.

Fact is: Look at the FBI and their track record here. Hoover steamrolled every politician for decades. He steamrolled Presidents, Republican and Democrat alike, and he steamrolled individual and groups of other politicians. None of this got out.

All of this under the auspices of “good for the country” and other supposed guises for what really was about power and control for Mr Hoover who engaged in mass extortion.

The man wired the whole house and senate.

So, a) there is almost surely far worse going on which is not exposed, and b) all of the people Hoover extorted would and did say something along these lines of “they are sympathetic to the needs of law enforcement”.

While there may not be any soft extortion going on there with Obama, there still will be some manner of softer extortion. And him not being told things. And him not wanting to know things. “Softer extortion” as in the legal kind, stuff like “well, this union, they won’t like you if you do this” kind of thing. Legal, but unethical. And happens all the time as par for the course in politics.

(Soft bribery is the other main control point they keep. I am not sure if they have done this with Obama. For instance, consider how many money making ties to defense corporations these intel leaders have. Legal, but highly unethical.)

Even if neither tactic is used, there is always the simple issue of going along to get along type of issue. Trusting what a badged expert says to you, for instance. “He’s a general in the DoD, he knows what he is talking about and must be an upstanding person” sort of fallacies of judgment.


Kara tossed slow pitches and Barak swatted at them like a true politician.

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