President Obama slams FBI's Comey on email decision: ‘We Don’t Operate on Incomplete Information’


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This marshmallow?


Nice to see Obama can still play 3D chess when the others think the game is checkers, all these years later.


Comey seems like he’s aspiring to set himself up as the next Hoover. If Trump were to win, he totally could.


However, Trump seems do demand absolute loyalty and submission at all times (see Christie). Not sure he’d be able to trust someone like Comey.


But he could trust him 'til he doesn’t.


The whole point of being the next Hoover is that you’ve got your own private secret police, and don’t answer to anyone, even the president.


We don’t reopen investigations based on new evidence.


Not really comparable.

The hubub is for announcing publicly that they’re looking into something before they even know if it is evidence - basically on the eve of the election.


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