Stephen Colbert's interview with former FBI director James Comey


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I almost can’t believe Comey was referencing the President of the United States, it’s mind boggling to say the least.

PS. I never want to be locked in a small room with tRump, the brain damage would be unavoidable.


Roger That


Odd that Chaffetz lying about the HRC investigation being ‘reopened’ and about the existence of Comey’s memo via Tweet and being subsequently being blasted across every major news organization with no fact checking thereby forcing the FBI to respond never came up in that reasoning for him to speak up when he did.


The Cheetoish radiation!


Who to throw under the bus, or to extend the metaphor, under the trolly to save a lot of lives is not a decision I’d like to make in real life.


That was great and I hated it.


Also, Comey made some new friends backstage at Colbert


Didn’t we just have the “not our homie” thread? Didn’t we?


I’m just not buying it. He’s still adamantly unapologetic about the “extremely careless” public FBI statement regarding Hillary’s emails. And I still don’t get his logic. You’re “investigating” (which, alone, carries a taint) and you conclude the investigation finding that there should be no legal action, yet you feel “the only credible way of closing it” is to shame the target of your investigation?

And the examples he gives of previous, extraordinary public statements are inconsistent. In previous cases, the reason for public statements are traditionally to exonerate the target of investigation. In Clinton’s case, the reason for the public statement was to castigate the target and placate the antagonists of the target. [He’s also said previously that the assumption was Hillary was going to win, so after the win he didn’t want to be seen in retrospect as someone who put his thumb on the scale for Hillary; yet his solution is to effectively put his thumb on the scale for her opponents.]

And it’s just astounding to remember that, while Comey is going through such dramatic angst over the public, non-investigating of Hillary, the FBI actually had an active investigation of Trump and his associates that, strangely, was not public.


A big part of me wants to read Comey’s book but I have a feeling I’d end up trying to yell at him through the text at least once every few pages or so.


Still not our homie; Meth and Ghostface do photo ops with just about anybody.


Comey seems pretty happy about it though, maybe he’s a fan!


That wouldn’t surprise me.


Here’s one of the bits that would have me pissed off at Comey:


Comey is a tall drink of water.


Colbert was very careful not to stand beside Comey when he greeted him on to the stage :smiley:


lol I noticed that too. It surprised me. Unsure is was a Colbert ego thing or what. Very obvious.


I doubt that’s Colbert’s fault. It’s an old TV/psycholoogy thing. Sadly, public perception is heavily weighted to tall people in appearances like this. By putting them at equal height during the interview, viewers get a sense that neither has an “unfair advantage.”