Cameron to press Obama for help outlawing encryption, destroying internet freedom


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There’s a reason why he is so often called “Camoron”.

I am not afraid of terrorists, they cause at best point damage. I am afraid of stupid people with power to make rules, because widescale area damage.

On the other hand, civil disobedience will mitigate a lot of the fallout, at least encryption-wise.

Maybe people will even learn to not buy equipment they won’t really own and where the vendor usurps the control over what they are allowed to run on it.


Well, some of Obama’s advisers seem to be pretty smart, and he sometimes listens to them, so I feel all is not lost. He seems to be coming down on the right side of net neutrality, kinda-sorta. He does let the NSA run amok, but he hasn’t yet outlawed ROT-13.


Short of something delightful but unlikely, like Obama doing an overdramatic spit-take and then throwing his cup of coffee in Cameron’s face when the idea is presented; the one potential upside to Cameron’s “Retain and report” theory of surveillance is that it makes services that, architecturally, avoid ever being able to usefully betray their customers much more attractive. Careful separation of encrypted data storage and storage of the decryption keys, clients and devices that establish encrypted communications with one another, rather than with the operator’s server as an MiTM, etc.

So long as the service provider has a giant pile of juicy data, we’ll see both covert attacks(like the NSA’s) and overt attacks(like Cameron’s, or the assorted EU ‘data retention’ proposals). While, in an ideal world, neither would occur, overt attackers beat covert attackers any day, since their intentions, and sometimes even their methods, are in the open.


As I don’t agree with Camaroon, or Obama if he listens to him (I’m pissed enough with Obama and surveillance), I only see this as driving encryption away from the general public, but underground where it already thrives will be unaffected as it is easy to get the tools to even make your own encryption, never mind all the publicly ready-to-go products.

Too bad. This has ALREADY HAPPENED. It is called “Apple.”


I know. Those fruitarians did not learn yet.

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He really doesn’t seem the sharpest tool in the shed does he.

Politics, philosophy and economics at Oxford is not exactly well known for its IT and engineering rigorousness. At one time most of the politics and philosophy came from reading the ancient Latin and Greek authors.

They have created an app store of pure ideology of pure ideology.

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Assuming that the general public even care what he thinks about it.

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At least he’s healthy!


I knew that those Kegel exercises would help him!

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Cameron is a little Hitler, isn’t he?

Nah, that’s Nigel Farage.

Isn’t, but would like to. Lacks both the skills and the charisma.

Cameron’s policies are fascist. There is no getting around it. Surveillance of all people is just another column supporting Cameron’s fascist government. The UK has become a more miserable state than the US which takes some effort.

He’s definitly an authoritarian capitalist, but I don’t think he is fascist. I have had the misfortune to be on the recieving end of attacks from British fascists and there is a clear difference between them.

I just don’t think that Milliband will be much better and Ukip hare repeatedly shown themselves to be far worse.

I know. A lot of the people on the housing estate where I live are reliant on food banks, even when they have jobs.

I liked this morning’s headline in Tagesschau:

Joint fight against Islamic extremism: Cameron hits Obama.*

Your birth certificate won’t save you now, Obama!

  • (it could also be ‘Cameron meets Obama’)

It’s 2015.

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