Cameron to press Obama for help outlawing encryption, destroying internet freedom

I know. And that’s why it worries me that somebody who is an aspiring politician can do a degree which enables him or her to leave university totally ignorant of the technology on which just about all modern society relies, while having a good grasp of what Plato thought around 400BCE. No knowledge of banking, finance, IT, urban planning, business administration, health, social demographics, physics, chemistry or biology, but in depth studies of what other people who didn’t know any of those things thought about the world. Navel gazing carried to an extreme.

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It’s not usually 2015! The days when it is 2015 are statistically insignificant when compared to the number of days when it is not.

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In comparison with Plato’s era, it was 2015 for at least a last decade, if we round off the unimportant digits.

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How is that? She was alive for 34 years, so even if we round it to 30 that’s three decades.

Too many people casually disregard the impact of Diff’rent Strokes on contemporary political philosophy.

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I too, and I too know the difference. Cameron, for a start, doesn’t carry a flick-knife. In truth, I think Cameron is better than the majority of his own Party, or at least would like to be, but he has to keep the knuckle-dragging donors on side. It has even been suggested that what he would really like post-election is a Lab-Con coalition, which would drive his own Right away to UKIP, cause part of the Labour Party to splinter, and end up with a government of about 350-400 centrist MPs.

…I am lost. Please explain?



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