Pretend your phone's screen is cracked with this wallpaper

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So you can look hip without slivers of glass in your finger.

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An acquaintance of mine wrote an app the would cause an iphone screen to appear cracked, for joke or for camouflage purposes. Apple would not approve it for their app store because it made the phone appear to be broken.


but why tho?

privilege shame?
Regressive thrill?
Matches the jeans?


Think urban camouflage to deter casual theft. This is similar to trying to make a nice bike look like a derelict police auction special. The goal is to gently prod the would-be thief to consider another target.

As a side note, my boss cracked the screen on his laptop and tasked me with moving the data from the broken one to a new one. I took a photo of the broken screen and make it the wallpaper on the new laptop as a joke. (I told his wife about it ahead of time and she was in on it too.)

Personally I would use this one in China as my lock screen to deter state actors.


My wallpaper is lines of coke. Oh the looks it gets on the Starbucks counter.

** kidding. I don’t go to Starbucks **


no need. I got the real thing…


deconstructs tech normatives, if you will…

I see a lot of the real thing riding with High School kids on my way home from work. What is it about iPhones that make them so cracked screenable?

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