Wavēy - free wallpapers for Mac, iPad, and iPhone

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2020/08/06/wavey-free-wallpapers-for-ma.html

Gee, too bad I can’t use those .jpg’s on my Android phone or my Linux or Windows laptops. :wink:


Meh. I always just use solid black, because I’m dangerous. And also really cool.


because it looks like thousands of people in a baseball stadium with their hands outstretched gesturing at the viewer - an apt commentary on real sports, esports, gaming, coronavirus, social distancing, and life during a pandemic a bunch of waves

also they’re free.

( i may actually download them. theyre nice and clean. im not much a fan of the built-in macos choices, other than the, i think newish, ability to use solid colors. )

Still a Big Fan of Propaganda. GPL licensed, quiet enough to not get in the way, very decorative, and a huge number of patterns. Pretty hard to beat that.

Found my current phone wallpaper on Reddit. The person who uploaded it claimed it was a sunset through the raindrops on their windshield.


This looks like the raindrops on a Tesla’s roof

I think you might be right. I found the original post on Reddit, and while I remembered windshield, they definitely said it was a car’s roof, but they didn’t say which kind of car, or even if it was theirs.

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