Pretty portraits of periodical cicadas




I love these critters. They're the only bug I'm genuinely fond of, the periodical and annual ones both. A few years back I was at wedding in eastern TN and some people from OH and other less southeastern states were in attendance. When the cicadas started doing their "rar-rar-rar" sound, in unison, all at once in the mid-afternoon, the OH folks were like " what in God's name is that noise? " They were genuinely panicked. Until then, I'd just assumed cicadas were all over the U.S.

I've got a mass Tibicen chirping ringtone that is very pleasant to wake up to in the morning.


A few non-periodical's popping out here in Tucson.


I think the bug is kind of icky and I certainly can't stand the noise, but the photography sure is impressive; it almost looks unreal. Is there a particular technique recognizably used in this case?



Cicadas aren't just fun to look at. They're good eatin' too.

It makes me sad when heavy construction pulls up old trees and a massive cluster of juvenile periodical cicadas with them. This always seems to happen within a year of their scheduled eruption.


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